Ultra Length 20meters LED Strip

High Density 2110 & 3838 LED Strip

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Author : COXO
Update time : 2019-08-14 15:38:45
COXO high density 2110 & 3838 led strips adopt small and thin 3838 leds, tiny chip but strong body 2110 leds, to make strip smaller, denser and brighter, to achieve dot-free illumination effects.

1. LEDs/Meter: high density 240/350/700 leds/m.
2. Color options: 3838 240leds/m RGB & CCT color, 2110 350 & 700leds/m single color, 2110 700leds/m CCT color.
3. 2400-2700MCD for each 3838 RGB , 48Lm-52Lm for each CCT 3838 LED.
4. 3OZ PCB, 3 years' warranty.
5. 3838 CRI>80, 2110 CRI>90.
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