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Side View LED Strip Light
Nov . 17 . 2022
Side-emitting LED strips or side-viewing LED strips are unique LED strips with shaped diodes that glow sideways instead of upwards. Side view strip light are available in Single-color series and RGB series, ideal for accent lighting, backlighting, edge lighting, and more.
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What is RGBW LED strip?
Oct . 13 . 2022
RGBW LED strip is a type of LED lighting that can produce different colors and shades. It consists of four LEDs - red, green, blue, and white - which can be combined to create millions of colors.
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Which one to choose:COB VS SMD led strip?
Jun . 17 . 2022
LED strip is often divided into cob and SMD. What is the cob light strip, what is the SMD light strip, and which one is more suitable for you? Of course, each design has its own advantages, which will be explained in this article. I hope this article can be helpful to you.
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Buying Guide for LED Aluminum Profiles
Sep . 01 . 2022
Aluminum channels are a crucial part of any linear LED fixture.  They act as a durable, lightweight housing for LED strip lighting of any color temperature, color, or output. Most importantly they act as the primary source of thermal management for your LED strips.  With a variety of different styles, they allow you to create any lighting effect specific to your design objectives.
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What is ws2812b led strip?
Jun . 30 . 2022
ws2812b LED strip has the characteristics of addressable and programmable, stable performance, low energy consumption and dynamic lighting, and each LED can be controlled independently, that is, an LED can have different color and brightness from the LED next to it. This enables us to create beautiful and complex lighting effects.
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