Process -- Alibaba platform the battle of King

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Update time : 2021-09-09 19:46:46


One third of the competition has passed, all of COXO sales staff are combative and full of morale. Got many orders everyday, every new order is announced in company communicating group, whole company give him a thumbs up, which is really encouraging! Every morning, motivational words to encourage salesperson to achieve their goals.

Our company sales target is 12.8 million. Up to now, we achieved 40% of the goal, ranking NO.2 in whole corps, and we are sprinting towards NO.1.

We seize every minute to communicate with customers and to find sales opportunities, not willing to leave work even at 10:00pm.

Ending the day with a work review, sorting out the difficulties and strive for best solution for every customer, making goals and plans for a better tomorrow.

Rank List on wall which show : sales performance and target completion rate of each salesperson and each sales team, and performance of Functional Departments evaluated by salesperson.

We attribute the current achievement mostly to support and trust from all of our customers, and then to our hard-working team. Let’s keep going !


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