StableLock Series Strip Connector

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Author : COXO
Update time : 2019-12-03 11:40:02
COXO StableLock Series Strip Connector with strong pull value: special double side PIN design, make it more stable, pull value over 30N. With strong current capacity: adopts silver plated pure copper material touch point, max current can be 5A. With mini size fit for Profile: clip lock from front face to save space and make it smaller which can put into aluminum profile. With suitable for high density LED strip design: also apply to 120 Led/M high density strip and doesn’t block luminous surface. It use AWG20 UL Listed 2468/1007 Wire, PA66 , UL94V-0 fire-retardant plastic material, silver plated pure copper material double PIN design superior material which make it firmer. It includes strip-to-strip, power-to-strip, wire-to-strip 3 models, can be use for 8mm, 10mm single color strip and 10mm RGB strip.

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