Can you cut led strip and cob led strip?

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Can you cut led strip and cob led strip?

When you plan to use led strip light or cob led light strip, cutting the light strip is one of the troublesome problems. You need to be familiar with the correct identification of the led strip and where to cut it. This way, you will save the time needed to cut the light strip and improve the efficiency of your project.

LED Light Strips

Before cutting the led strip lights, please make sure that your light strip can be cut. If your led tape has obvious cutting lines, it is usually safe to cut. Different models of products may have different cutting marks, for example:

2835 led strip:

5050 led strip:

ws2812b led strip:

However, no matter what type of led lights strip, there are generally three types of cutting marks: scissors line, dotted line and solid line.

COB LED Strips

COB flexible led strip is a high-density product. There are many chips on PCB, so special attention should be paid to cutting cob strip lights.

COB Strip Light:

Short-Cut LED Strip:


Cut Step

Step 1: determine the length

If you buy a led tape lights that is too long, you just need to cut off the excess; If you cut the light band too short by mistake, your time and work will be lost.

Step 2: cut off the led strip with scissors

Use scissors to cut straight along the marked position of the cutting line. Chamfering may cause the led tape light to not work properly, so be sure to cut straight.

It is worth noting that the unit length of LED light strip cutting line is different, which is determined by the circuit design inside PCB (printed circuit board); Therefore, when cutting, you must cut along the cutting line.


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