What is cob led strip?

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What is cob led strip?


    New trend COB/FOB flexible LED tape light is a technology revolution and redefinition of led strip industry. With chip direct on FPC, without traditional led bracket and golden wire, cob led strip light is with better bending performance and more efficient heat transfer. Invisible resistors make a clear appearance and good consistency.

    If you are the first time to hear about led cob strip, do not know its advantages, you will get the answer from this article.

Ten Advantages Of Flexible COB Strip Light

  • New technology, high density
  • No point lighting, uniform light
  • High Brightness
  • Better flexibility
  • 180 degree luminous angle, wider luminous surface
  • More efficient, less heat
  • Energy conservation and environmental protection
  • Various colors
  • Can cut
  • Higher applicability

COB LED Strip Light VS SMD LED Strip Light

    Flex led cob light strip has an ideal inner structure and more simple way for heat-dissipation.All the heat-dissipation of cob led strips are done on the tiny package platform itself, no extra intermediary needed at all. SMD led tape light,like smd5050, smd3528 or smd2835 led strip lights are always radiating through flexible PCB or some other heating adhesives, which is more complicated for quality controlling.

    The luminous angle of SMD led strip is generally 120 degrees, and even high-density SMD lamp strip can see obvious luminous points. Compared with SMD lamp strip, the luminous angle of cob light strip is 180 degrees, the luminous surface is wider, there is no point lighting, and the light is more uniform. It can be widely used in various industrial, commercial and residential lighting projects.

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